It’s A Jungle!


The Great Pumpkin

P1060393It’s taking over everything!  I hope we actually get some pumpkins from it!



Dinner Fit For A King

P1060302TCO: Tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions, diced and marinated in vinaigrette.  Our favorite summer dinner.


P1060395I’m trying my hand at collecting lettuce seeds, using instructions from The Prudent Homemaker.

To Do List



The time of year when my ice cube trays are constantly filled with pesto — a good problem to have.

Cheese Sandwich In Paradise



I like mine with fresh picked tomatoes, french’s yellow mustard, and soft mozzarella.

Fall Crops



The rotten squirrels ate up an entire row of corn, so I decided I would start my beets and radishes early.



I used some seeds I had picked up at Monticello. I’m not sure how well they’ll grow, but at least time is on my side!

My Helper



This little one makes weeding fun.